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 WODSP4344O NATIVE AMERICAN HUNT FIGURES : The North American Bison is native only to the Great Plains of North America. Bison was the chief..$9.99
 WODA2764O STREET ACCESSORIES : This 17-piece set includes, six parking meters, manhole covers, fire hydrants, trashcans, resting be..$26.99
 WODA2763O PEDESTRIANS : Add life to your downtown street with this figure set that includes four men and two women. One..$26.99
 WODA2762O ROAD CREW DETAILS : Road repair is an ongoing activity throughout American communities. Set a layout construction s..$26.99
 WODA2761O ROAD CREW : Road crews work constantly installing sewer lines, building roads and filling potholes. Set a r..$25.99
 WODA2760O SHOOTIN HOOPS : Six boys enjoy a street game of hoops. Set includes backboard and hoop, but like many street ba..$26.99
 WODA2759O PEOPLE SITTING : Set includes two women and four men. One man sits on the ground, with his back to a wall. A man..$25.99
 WODA2758O PARK BENCHES : Set of six benches ready for your layout residents to sit and enjoy the park, wait for the bus..$24.99
 WODA2757O DEPOT WORKERS & ACCES : The conductor reviews the passenger manifest at the check-in podium while two workers maneuver..$26.99
 WODA2755O CANOERS : Two couples in separate canoes, with paddles in their hands. Colors may vary from actual produc..$27.99
 WODA2754O CAMPERS : Three people with a tent, lantern, firepit with firewood and sleeping bags. Colors may vary fro..$27.99
 WODA2752O BICYCLE BUDDIES : Set of four kids with their bikes, take a break at the old pop machine. Colors may vary from ac..$26.99
 WODA2751O GONE FISHING : A set of six people, three boys and three men, enjoy a day of fishing. Includes five can poles...$26.99
 WODA2750O FARMERS MARKET : One farmer hefts a sack of potatoes over his shoulders, apples, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and..$26.99
 WODA2749O PARK BUMS : Park Bums is a scene, which includes a policeman getting ready to wake a bum as he sleeps on a..$26.99
 WODA2748O WELDERS & ACCESSORIES : A set of three men, with protective welding helmets and gloves, working with an assortment of m..$25.99
 WODA2744O WORKERS WITH FORKLIFT : Four guys work to move crates with a forklift. Colors may vary from actual product.$26.99
 WODA2742O CITY WORKERS : One man has shimmied up a utility pole. One has a cable in his hand. Two men pick up trash. One..$25.99
 WODA2740O NEWSTAND FIGURES : Four folks read all about it at the local news stand. Colors may vary from actual product.$24.99
 WODA2739O ASSORTED CRATES : An assortment of large, medium and small wooden crates are included in this set. Colors may var..$27.99
 WODA2738O DEER : Six White Tail deer. A mighty buck is stretched in a full running jump, a doe sits by her fawn,..$24.99
 WODA2737O BLACK BEARS : Six black bears, cubs and adults in various poses. Colors may vary from actual product.$25.99
 WODA2736O POLICEMEN : This set includes five officers and one canine cop. One of the officers is full-figured and eat..$24.99
 WODA2734O HOBOS : Hobos sitting around. One playing his harmonica, one roasting a hot dog and one standing with h..$24.99
 WODA2733O ENGINEERS : A set of six men. One is crouching down to chop, one is taking a full swing, one man is at the..$24.99
 WODA2731 O PASSENGERS SITTING : A set of figures in sitting position - three individual men, a mother and a father and child. C..$24.99
 WODA2730 O GENERAL PUBLIC STANDING : Three male and three female figures are in this set. One woman stands with a trench coat and a..$24.99
 WODA2729 O DOCK WORKERS & CRATES : Six dock workers, two crates, and one pallet. One dock worker holds up his hand to signify stop..$25.99
 WODA2727 O CHECKER PLAYERS : Two men sit at an old whiskey barrel with a checkerboard. One scratches his head, trying to dec..$24.99
 WODA2726 O TOMBSTONES : Assortment of square, rounded, cross and obelisk tombstones. 11 pcs Colors may vary from actual prod..$25.99

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