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HO Scale

HO Figures, More..
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 WODA1953HO MISC FREIGHT : Tons of freight move daily through every part of America. You’ll find it stacked on industrial..$21.99
 WODA1947HO CARPENTER CREW : From hammering to sawing boards and schlepping lumber, these five busy carpenters work hard at..$21.99
 WODA1945HO WALLYS WIENER WAGON : Mom treats her two children to a hot-dog-of-a-meal at the wiener wagon. A menu board and cream..$21.99
 WODA1944HO TAKE A HIKE : The perfect addition for the wilderness area of your layout…six backpackers in various stages o..$21.99
 WODA1943HO PLAYGROUND FUN : Two youngsters play tetherball while two others share a swing, and the fifth flips up-side-down..$22.99
 WODA1941HO STREET ACCESSORIES : This 18-piece set includes, six parking meters, manhole covers, fire hydrants, trash cans, rest..$22.99
 WODA1939HO OUTDOOR DINING : An Alfresco dinner and some friendly conversation ends the perfect summer day. Colors may vary..$21.99
 WODA1936HO WASH DAY GETAWAY : That mischievous Spot has other plans for the clean sheets on the family’s wash day! Colors may..$22.99
 WODA1935HO BACKYARD BIRTHDAY : Mom oversees the birthday festivities and excited children while Dad churns some fresh homemade..$22.99
 WODA1934HO LOADING DOCK DETAILS : All the usual loading dock items including, crates, a scale, forklift and dolly. Colors may var..$20.99
 WODA1933HO MINERS : Six miners toting all the equipment they need for their shift deep below the Earth's surface! C..$19.99
 WODA1931HO BACKYARD BASICS : What’s a backyard without bicycles, lawn chairs, toys and a little pup and his doghouse. Colors..$19.99
 WODA1929HO BACKYARD BARBEQUE : The neighborhood BBQ attracts some two-legged and four-legged friends. Colors may vary from act..$20.99
 WODA1928HO GARAGE TREASURES : Who doesn’t have normal garage stuff which has been collected through the years? Colors may var..$18.99
 WODA1859HO TRAIN MECHANICS : One man is tipping his hat, one is carrying a hammer, two men are carrying wrenches, another a toolb..$16.99
 WODA1857HO FARM PEOPLE : A girl teases a honking goose and a boy draws back on a slingshot. A woman in an apron uses a hoe an..$16.99
 WODA1856HO TOMBSTONES : Eleven pieces are included in this assortment of square, rounded, cross and obelisk tombstones. $20.99
 WODA1853HO SUN BATHERS : A woman reclines, bathing in the sun, with her child close at hand. Another woman stands with sun lo..$15.99
 WODA1852HO ASSORTED JUNK : Old trash cans, spent motors, ancient furnaces and other junk piles are scattered around. There are..$18.99
 WODA1851HO ROAD CREW DETAILS : An assortment of Road Crew tools and supplies are included in this set: warning signs, cones, a whee..$15.99
 WODA1843HO HEREFORD COWS : The six Hereford cows in this set come in several sizes and poses. Two are grazing and the rest are..$16.99
 WODA1841HO DOGS & CATS : There are dogs and cats galore in this set - two domestic and one feral cat, and seven dogs, some pu..$16.99
 WODA1837HO GENERAL PUBLIC : Three male and three female figures are in this set. One woman stands with a trench coat and a match..$15.99
 WODA1823HO DOCK WORKERS : Includes six dock workers, two crates, and one pallet. One dock worker is holding up his hand t..$16.99
 WODA1822HO POLICEMEN : This set includes five officers and one canine cop. One of the officers is full-figured and eat..$15.99

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